Feral Cats

CatSnip spays/neuters/vaccinates several hundred feral cats each year. In order to provide this valuable service, the following guidelines must be followed:

  • All feral cats must be admitted in standard feral cat traps.
    • ***No cats in carriers will be accepted.***
    • This is for the safety of the cats as well as the safety of our staff.
  • If you do not have feral cat traps, these can be purchased from www.livetrap.com or can be borrowed, in some cases, from Feral Friends
  • Cats should be admitted at 8am.
  • Cats should be picked up between 4:00pm and 5:00pm.
  • Cats should be held in their trap in a dark quiet safe place overnight and released the following morning. Holding longer than overnight adds undue stress for the cats. Remember, these arenít pets and they donít feel comfortable in a human environment.

Ear Tipping

All feral cats will be ear tipped during surgery. This is a universal symbol of a sterilized, vaccinated feral cat in a managed colony.


CatSnip is dedicated to providing a solution to feline overpopulation by offering high volume, high quality, affordable feline sterilization services.